If a Tree Falls in a Forest; or - The Return of the Blogger

The philosophical thought problem asks whether a falling tree in a forest makes a sound if nobody is around to hear it. While this could apply to the stories on this blog after all this time on hiatus, the tech world certainly has had its share of falling trees in the past few months. And make no mistake, those trees were well spectated, and their sounds recorded all over the Internet.

by Matthew de Neef | IndeterminateBlog Team

Greetings, one and all! It's been some time (glances guiltily down at the eons-ago last post) since the last post, but, given the sudden lack of constraints on my time, this blog will hopefully see a revival, article wise, while we, as always, keep hoping for a revival readership-wise. The new content heading your way in the coming months will hopefully make that happen!

The selection of things you can expect from us in the immediate future include captivating footage, shenanigans and all-around geek-nirvana from rAge Expo 2015 (which Kriyen was lucky enough to attend) as well as our perspective on that new shiny device launch smell emanating from Mountain View , Redmond, and perhaps even Cupertino in the last few months (I'm talking about the Google Nexus event, the Windows 10 devices launch and the S-badge iDevices from Apple, respectively, of course).

Once the dust dies down on those topics, we'll hopefully get around to calming the hype surrounding fragmentation of the Android platform, and why Android updates today mean much less than they used to a few years ago. In that vein, a quick look at Android Marshmallow (AKA Android 6.0) wouldn't be amiss either, although, for those of you not using Nexus devices, the hands-on part for you may be some ways away. Drone laws may conceivably be droned on about, and any new news in the tech industry will be suitably analysed, and blogged, SA style, by yours truly.

It would be remiss of me to gloss over the current #FeesMustFall #NationalShutdown event gracing the streets surrounding essentially every major South African university at the moment, and since this is a blog for and by students, we'll hopefully chime in on this, a suitably controversial topic, in due course.

Thanks for sticking around, everyone, and hopefully the coming content will remind you why you did. If you're new here from a link or are perhaps just lost; welcome. I'll try to make this a pleasant place for you to catch up on what's new in tech, and the studying world, from students, for students (and everyone else, in fact).


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