Welcome to the Fresh Meat who have Borne Witness to The Funk

by Sulaiman Patel | IndeterminateBlog Team

2014 has been a typical year thus far for UKZN: protesting students chasing riot police with teargas; the occasional bit of learning and, most recently, some clever advertising (which we exploited, because we can) calling the entire campus community to "Witness the Funk".

For all the fresh meat out there - my politically incorrect term for the first years who still get surprised when UKZN does something random and/or retarded - welcome to In_Hub. Going on the assumption that you have registered on our forums, that is. Which I suggest you do. No pressure.

Anyway, you may be wondering what the site is about, since it probably doesn't look all that exciting while we're still in our infancy as a Hub. Basically, we're the "for students, by students" site that the campus is sorely missing... no political agendas, no ulterior motives, no money-making scams - just a place for students to do what students do best. Within the confines of the public decency, that is.

See, a lot about university is only learnt through experience... and while our attention is mainly on UKZN right now, since that's where our admin members are currently studying, we've got good sources reporting to us that the same applies throughout SA, and presumably the rest of the world too, for any random Russians reading this article.
Case point, you have time to read this while the ignorant that ignored the broadcasted tip on how to filter their inboxes and are strolling the cyberstreets of stu.ukzn.spam

Poor suckers.

Getting back to the point, In_Hub currently hosts 4 facilities:

  • This blog, where the oddest of articles have a habit of popping up. (I'm assuming you guys don't need a link, right?)
  • The forums, where the opportunity to network and chat with all our members is available... along with a pretty useful set of student resources (like past tests and exams) accumulated over the years .
  • A link to a pretty awesome caterer who we deal with for the occasional surprise birthday celebration on campus.
  • The opportunity to network with new people! Granted, this may not seem like such a big deal, but trust in the experience of elders... varsity is almost as much who you know as what you know!
Obviously, our community is only able to help you as much as you allow us to.
So don't feel shy; get active! Download resources to your heart's content and share your own if you think someone will benefit from it. Or if the academic stuff isn't your thing (we spend too much time in lectures anyway, right?), then just discuss the latest sports or tech with others - or even share useful hints on surviving student life.

Oh, and before I forget, the little matriclets are welcome to our community too. Even if they don't want past matric papers or any other the other oodles of useful bits and bobs we have; I'm sure they'll find some benefit in observing what current university students think of life.

Well, that's it for our little introduction - I'm off to do more interesting things like programming some elementary computer games and almost-but-not-quite-traumatising my colleagues. Fun times!


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