Society's Eyes

A wise old philosopher once said “There is a battle between two wolves constantly raging in every one of our minds. The first wolf represents the powers of good – integrity, honesty and righteousness… whereas the other represents the powers of evil – selfishness, greed and temptation.”
One day, a young boy asked the philosopher, “Sir, which one will win?”
The old man smiled kindly at the child, before replying, “Son, the winning wolf will be the one you feed.”

Society is a hypocrite. She will criticise us all at some time or another about something: be it our race, our gender, our colour, our creed or our mistakes. Yet, what Society never seems to realise is that she has no identity of her own. Society is actually comprised of us, the very ‘imperfect beings’ that she is constantly criticising.
Like most creatures, Society has two eyes… except unlike us; each of Society’s eyes is able to view the same situation in completely different manners. I have names for these eyes, these conflicting points of view: the first ‘I’ stands for Integrity and the second stands for Individual-gain. Any situation can be observed through either of these eyes.
Integrity or Individual gain…?
This is the question we are always asking ourselves. At any given point in life, a person can take any situation and twist it to his or her own benefit. This is not always a bad thing, indeed – it is often a necessity. But – if in doing so, one is force to compromise his own integrity, he is actually compromising the very fabric of his character. Is that really a price that anyone can afford to pay? Are we so desperate for success these days that we are willing to sell our very souls to the devil in exchange for a few seconds of false happiness? If done repeatedly, there is a chance that we can even lose ourselves completely…

Ultimately, only we can decide for ourselves what is right and what is wrong… no one else. Our family and friends can offer advice, but no one compels us to take it. Our choices are our own.
We all stray from the straight and narrow sometimes. We all take shortcuts – some more often than others. If we look into the depths of our hearts, I’m sure we can all find things that we are not particularly proud of. But life moves on… we can never grow as people unless we learn from our mistakes. The past is water under the bridge, so just cross over the bridge and get over your mistakes. If we keep dwelling over our past mistakes, how can we ever move forward…?
By the same token, fellow members of Society, remember that none of us are perfect. You may reproach someone for something they do today, but tomorrow you might find yourself doing the very same thing. God created each and every one of us, and I firmly believe that He does not create bad things. No one is actually a bad person – it’s just that sometimes people make bad decisions and do bad deeds. There is a fine line between condemning a person and condemning that person’s actions… the day we learn to stop reproving each other is the day we take the first step towards building a healthy, peaceful society.
So, I ask you… the next time life offers you a shortcut; which wolf are you going to feed?


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