I'll call this the Balancing Act

by Matt de Neef | IndeterminateBlog Team

As the moon illuminates the city, thousands of kaleidoscopic orange dock lights flicker in the distance and the night buses rumble up the road back towards campus, I figured it would be time to sit down to join this surge of blogging initiated by my colleagues and add my (decidedly tech-biased) voice to the oration that is the InHub blog.

Before I continue, I'd heartily recommend spinning your scroll-wheel (or swiping your finger, to appease all you tablet readers) to Sulaiman's post below. To summarize, we'd love more readers to join our social 'realm' for whom "lim->(infinity)" doesn't cause sleepless nights. Those snorting with indignation at the fact that the infinite limit notation is meaningless without something next to it, you must be mathematical or in engineering, in which case, you're welcome too. My point is, a diverse crowd of people is just what we need.

Seeing as the last few posts have been about contemporary issues, I'll leave my little tech-nugget here to balance things out. Don't get me wrong, this silicon-babble doesn't stack up against the literary prowess of Patel and Whiteley, but being rounded in knowledge is a good thing, apparently.

Consumer Electronics. Wait, we have those?

You might say South Africa is so backward we don't even get natural disasters (I believe that joke has been in circulation longer than the 5c coin) and when it comes to tech, I will agree. It doesn't mean we're completely out of the loop on what's new, though: we have Internet, to watch it all go down in Las Vegas, Nevada, and then Barcelona, at least.

CES, or Consumer Electronics Show, as well as Mobile World Congress, has just come and gone for the year and now it has, we know what's here, what's coming and more, for this year.

S5...really? Looks like an S4 to me...
Since the last tech-post, the Korean giant Samsung has announced their next "big thing," their latest Galaxy S5 smartphone. In honesty, I just think its a big thing, not a "big thing." What separates the quoted phrase from the former is the fact that this phone is really no big deal. It's basically an LG G2 with a 0.09GHz speed improvement (Ask Sulaiman, he'll tell you.). All it is is a slightly larger Galaxy S4, with a heart-rate monitor and a fingerprint sensor. Oh, Apple has a biometric sensor on its iPhone? Wow, we'd never have guessed. The S5 should be here around July, given release date timings, but it won't cause any all-night camp outs on release date or anything.
Ooooh, purr-dy!

Did you know? HTC is releasing a successor to what was voted the world's best smartphone for 2013, the HTC One. This new iteration will be called...the "All new HTC One" or the "One (+1)" or possibly even the "One Two". Ludicrous names aside we'll call it the M8, which is the code name a kid happened to tell the world as he showed off his father's as-yet-unreleased device on YouTube. His father was an HTC engineer. I say was, because that video got him fired.
HTC Global Jeff Gordon warning this kid

Way to go, kid. Anyway, the all-metal monster should pack as much computing grunt as the current alpha-male LG and Samsung phones roaming the market at the moment, and is reported to have tri-cameras, two rear and one front, and bring along Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) decked in heavily-skinned Sense 6.0. (If any of those terms make sense to you, be sure to read this. It'll clear some things up.)

As for the last of the phone announcements, if you've got hands like Hulk and fancy the processing horsepower to boot, the LG G Pro 2 was teased at MWC and it, too, is stacking up to be a beast. Still rocking the unusual funky power-button-at-the-rear deal of the G2 and siblings, it'll bring a Snapdragon 800 as well as a 13MP camera and show it all off on a 5.9" 1080p panel. 7" tablets feel threatened by this thing. Expect it here in May, provided LG South Africa deems it worthwhile. Why they wouldn't, is beyond me.

Apart from flagship fever, Samsung also outed a positively massive 12.2 inch Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 for people with...tables to put them on? Oculus, the uber-cool Virtual Reality gaming-goggles company, has released ANOTHER upgrade to its gaming system, Steam has made its own mini-PC called the SteamBox, the CEO of T-Mobile got chucked out of a party hosted by its rival AT&T, and, as usual, everything you can put on your wrist now has a processor in it. Go figure.

Enough tech for me. I bid you goodnight. For more, click our forum links and join the discussion, any discussion!


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