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So by some method you have managed to arrive here, and you're probably wondering what this blog is all about, in fact, what ID is all about. The answer to that question, surprisingly, is not a simple one. ID is an open portfolio for its founder, but also a resource for students. It will span technology and studies, from resources for engineering studies provided by the team, ourselves students, and our coverage of skills, interests, exploits, and tips. I'm Matt and I'll be heading up the blog section.

This blog is in fact another project of the IndeterminateDesigns brand. To check out the main ID content:

If you wish to see anything covered here, create a thread in the forum, or contact us with links on the facebook page. 

Some topics you'll see here, the main site and discussed in the forum include (but aren't limited to):

  • Engineering: Topics relating to our (and perhaps your) studies in any discipline of engineering. Observations from the team on their experiences and expectations.
  • General Android & Mobile OS: Back articles from Matt on Android topics, as well as new app reviews, hardware reviews and tips & tricks. Covering Android as well as other mobile OSes (iOS, Windows Phone, BB10).
  • PC and Mac: News, tips, tricks, latest exploits and experiences from the team about PC software, hardware as well as their Mac counterparts.
  • Software/Hardware Mods & Hacks: Cool ideas, own development from the team as well as mods, hacks, and projects from around the web.
  • Online development: Team reflections about web development, programming languages and the latest Web trends.
  • Other: Anything related to what we enjoy or what's hot on the "Interwebz"
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